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5 Poses for Your Next Studio Portrait Session

All too often, photographers, bloggers and brand owners mistakenly assume that they need to go to multiple locations to achieve their portrait photography needs.

The truth is that creating a variety of looks in your photoshoot really comes down to fine tuning your posing strategy. With the right set of poses, you can make your photoshoot look like it was shot from multiple locations!

As a brand photographer, I believe in the art of achieving more, with less. Less location scouting, less backseat outfit changing, and less schlepping of gear and props!

Shooting from a studio offers accessibility and interchangeability. If you plan your portrait session and poses strategically, you can easily achieve every shot and piece of content you have in mind, from the comfort of one studio.

So, here are 5 posing ideas for you to use in your next portrait photoshoot!

1. Sitting on a couch or chair

I know, I know - it’s so simple, right? But the truth is that you can take so many different photos with this simple pose! Plus, this pose is flattering for everyone. Not only will you look relaxed, but you’ll feel at ease, too.

Try to change things up and include props in some photos, too. You can have your phone in your hand, or your favorite drink. You might choose to feature your favorite book or your laptop, or add a dog or two to your lap! (A crowd pleaser)

Sitting on the couch is a favorite activity for many of us, so ARE we surprised that it’s listed as pose #1?

2. Leaning against a wall

Searching for a power pose? Here you go! This one not only offers a great opportunity for a simple and timeless headshot, but it also uses negative space effectively.

Try this pose out with your arms crossed, or with your hands in your pockets - or both, but obviously not at the same time.

3. Sitting on the floor

Remember those album covers we all tried to recreate when we were in middle school? This pose is *slightly* reminiscent of that, except it’s about 100 times better.

Try sitting on the floor, with your back against a couch for a cozy feel. If you ever plan on creating graphics or putting text over your imagery, try sitting against a blank wall - this’ll give you the opportunity to use that negative space effectively for your future content needs.

4. Standing or using a stool with a seamless background

Some of the best pictures you’ll ever take will have the simplest poses. Just look at how beautiful these two shots are! Both models are in front of seamless paper backgrounds, and look completely at ease.

I recommend standing in front of a seamless background (dancing is always encouraged), or sitting on a stool. Due to the simplicity of the background, you’ll be the focal point of the photo, which is always a good thing.

5. Actually using your props

So, there’s having props… and then there’s using props. Don’t be afraid to put those props of yours in action for your portrait session!

Most studios will have unique props or furniture included in your rental - and they’re there for a reason! Focusing on using those props and having fun with them will help to capture you in your natural element, without feeling too stiff or forced.

At The Sunlight Space, I’ve included a faux kitchen and office for you to use and rearrange, so that you always look and feel at home. I mean, just look at these models as they utilize their props. They look great, right?

And my last posing tip? Get loose, and have fun!

Portrait photography should never feel stiff or forced. Dance around a bit if you need to and get the wiggles out - play your favorite playlist in the background, and enjoy your time! You and your photographer will be happy with the outcome, I promise.

Feeling confident and ready to shoot in a studio? I know of juuust the place 😏

With 4 interchangeable scenes and a variety of props, you’ll have everything you need to shoot the portraits and content of your dreams at The Sunlight Space. Book now!


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