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Featured Creator: Hyemee from Merrydio

One of the best parts about running The Sunlight Space is seeing all of the magic that you create in the studio! Today, I'm featuring Hyemee from Merrydio Photography.

2 things that are absolutely allowed in the studio:

  1. Confetti

  2. Dogs!

Shooting at an indoor location is a great option for dogs, because you can take them off-leash without worrying about them running off after a squirrel. Just remember to add on the pet fee on the booking page so that I know I need to vacuum extra thoroughly after your session! 😉

For confetti, I highly recommend using paper confetti like Hyemee used here. The first reason for that is because it photographs way better than most other types of confetti, and it's much easier to clean up! If you use metallic confetti, that will often get stuck in the slats on the floor.

If you absolutely love Hyemee's work like I do, give her a follow on Instagram! You can also reach out on her website to book a studio photography session with her. Take a look below to see a few favorites. Can we just take a moment to appreciate how amazing these GIFs are?!


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