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Office Decor, Design, and Setup at The Sunlight Space

As a brand photographer, a beautiful, customizable office space was a must while I was building out The Sunlight Space. Since I needed everything in the space to be modular, I originally thought that using picture frames, wall art, and Command Strips would be the way to go. However, I quickly learned that setting up and removing frames every time was way too cumbersome and time-consuming. This was how I originally envisioned the "office" setup at The Sunlight Space:

You can definitely still use the above setup if you'd like, just remember to budget in time to attach and remove the frames to the wall using Command strips. Also, make sure you remove the strips properly, otherwise the paint may peel off!

The new office decor

If you're an OG renter at The Sunlight Space, you may remember that the prop shelves originally started off totally useless. As in, it was just sitting against a wall with no rhyme or reason. This is what the space looked like when it first opened. (All I can say is, yikes.)

See the shelves in the corner to the left of the bathroom door? That was the original prop wall. One day, I walked in and thought to myself: surely there is a better use of this space? Then, the semi-permanent office setup was born!

I put these two white shelving units together, which I purchased from Walmart for only $35 each. I can't find a link to the 5-shelf option, but here is the 4-shelf model. Then, I added frames, books, plants, vases, a letter board with a quote, and other small knick knacks. More is more in this situation!

What I love about this design is that it's totally customizable. If you want to use the office space during your booking, I recommend bringing your own office decor to decorate the space uniquely to you.

Of course, if you don't want to use the office setup at all and you just want more white wall space, you are free to move the shelving out of the way! Just remove everything from the top shelves before you scoot the shelves out of the way to prevent the frames from falling and breaking.

In the future

Moving forward, I'd absolutely love to upgrade these shelves to something slightly more modern with fun details. The current shelving is great because they're lightweight and easy to move, but I just love these shelves from Wayfair:

As always, if you have any suggestions on what you'd like to see at The Sunlight Space, comment below! I'm all ears, and I want this space to be everything you need it to be. If you're ready to make your reservation today, head over to the booking page!

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