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4 Reasons Why You Should Book a Studio Space

I know, I know - shooting indoors can be daunting, especially if you usually shoot outside. But, hear me out - shooting in a studio space is an amazing experience for both your clients and you as a photographer! You can start with a natural light studio (like The Sunlight Space), and then work your way up to more "traditional" photography studios where you'll need to use lighting equipment.

Here are 4 reasons why I recommend renting a studio space for your next photoshoot!

full length mirror with pampas leaves

1️⃣ Privacy and consistency

Alright, this is basically two in one. First of all, fall is upon us. You know what that means... Every park on the face of the planet is FLOODED with photographers. Book a studio so that you don't have to awkwardly work around other photographers, families, and pedestrians at outdoor locations!

(*cough* I promise Vasona is going to be PACKED *cough* 👀)

Secondly, the light changes so quickly when you are outdoors! This is especially relevant if you are shooting mini sessions. You might be dealing with harsh lighting for your first few clients, and then it's a totally different mood when golden hour strikes. At indoor locations like The Sunlight Space, the light is consistent from sunrise to sunset because it is a natural light studio. For even more consistency, feel free to bring lighting equipment.

2️⃣ Avoid the elements

Say NO to rain, weather, smoke, and wind cancellations. When you book a studio space, you know exactly what you're getting. Plus, The Sunlight Space has air conditioning and heating. Make sure your clients are as comfy as possible by shooting indoors.