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Small Business Branding Tips for Every Season

The fairy godmother turned a pumpkin into a beautiful, dazzling horse-drawn carriage. Apparently, humanity took some notes on the potential of pumpkins, and what did we do? We pureed them to create all our favorite fall drinks!

The only downside to pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin chai cakes is you only get them for a few months out of the year. You spend the rest of the year in pumpkin purgatory.

Branding doesn’t have to be like your favorite fall drinks swooping in and sweeping you off your feet only to leave you sad come December. So, here’s to year-round branding tips!!!

stock your brand photography folder with photos for every occasion

There are a couple types of people when it comes to stocking up on photos for your business.

First, I’ll talk to the “everything at once” people then the “one thing at a time” people!

You “everything at once” people — you know who you are. You’re the person who buys everything in bulk. The one who buys Christmas and holiday gifts for everyone on your list in one go — don’t know how you do it but go you! You get ahead on everything.

When planning brand photoshoots, you need a detailed plan. One that considers content not only for the next month but for the next season or quarter. (Bonus branding tip alert!)

You can get the most out of your photoshoots by changing up your wardrobe to match multiple seasons. Implement seasonal props and plants to artificially create whatever season you need it to be. (Branding tips are flying!)

Think to yourself. What moments are coming up for me and my business? Can I take advantage of subtle color palette changes during my shoot to match the mood? (Seriously, come on.)

Your list will be your best friend!

Okay, “one thing at a time” people! Are you ready?

Here are a few branding tips and ideas that you can use as your seasonal guide for winter, spring, summer, and fall. For each season, we’ll explore what people are thinking about, what you offer, and how to match up your visuals!

branding tips for winter ⛄

What people are thinking:

  • Gifts, gifts, gifts: Giving them, receiving them, making them. All the things!

  • Resolutions… even ones I won’t have in February

  • Family: The one you were born into or the one you created

What you offer:

  • Gifts, gifts, gifts: Can any of your offerings serve as the perfect gift? Tell people!

  • Resolutions: Think of how what you offer as a service or product inspires people to change.

  • Family: Nail down the way your business offers connection to your customers.

Match up your visuals:

  • Gifts: Throw a bow on it! This is overly simple, but seriously. Make your offering physically look like a gift in photos or capture a video to demonstrate that giving ✨magic. ✨

  • Resolutions: People love a before and after. Turn this into a visual to show people how your product or service enriches their lives.

  • Family: Incorporate more human elements into your photos and videos. Maybe it’s something handwritten. Maybe it’s capturing the time your product or service saved so someone can now have time with their family.

branding tips for spring 💐

What people are thinking:

  • There’s hope for life and beauty after all… a little dramatic, but things are in fact blooming again!

  • Spring cleaning: My house is a mess and needs to be cleaned. Read also, “I need a refresh and restart.”

What you offer:

  • Hope after all: Focus on the unique problem you solve. Communicate why what you do is THE solution.

  • Spring cleaning: Focus on how your product or service declutters someone’s life. Consider communicating it in time or money saved.

Match up your visuals:

  • Hope after all: Consider incorporating florals and plant life into your visuals. Can you show in photos or a video how your product or service “comes to life”?

  • Spring cleaning: Visually represent the chaos your product or service brings order to.

  • Bright and fresh is key for spring. Make sure the colors in your content show this!

branding tips for summer ☀️

What people are thinking:

  • FREEDOM: Even when you’re an adult out of school, there’s just something about the summer that makes you feel free! 😎

  • Live it up: Soaking up the sun and fun while you can.

What you offer:

  • Freedom: What does your product or service free people up to do? Connect it to that “out of school” and vacation feeling! We know the feeling no matter our age!

  • Live it up: Treating yourself with indulgence can be beneficial at times! Let people know about that special something you do or offer that makes people feel blissful.

Match up your visuals:

  • Freedom: Maybe reimagine what your offering looks like in vacation mode. What would your offering be like in a different country? Show what it would be like if you were working on vacation.

  • Live it up: Consider taking some photos and videos outside or bringing the outdoors inside for your shoot.

branding tips for fall 🍂

What people are thinking:

  • Back to School: Summer can’t last forever… time to get back to business. 📚

  • Getting cozy: Sweaters, mugs, blankets, flannels, fuzzy slippers.

  • Gathering: If I must go inside, I should do it with the people I love.

What you offer:

  • Back to School: This is a natural transition time. Maybe it’s a good time to feature a new or less well-known product or service.

  • Getting cozy: How does your offering provide comfort? Brainstorm all the ways and capture each of them.

  • Gathering: This one’s similar to connection in the winter. How does your offering bring people together?

Match up your visuals:

  • Back to School: Utilize desk settings and supplies that align with your offering.

  • Getting cozy: We all love a good living room or kitchen scene. Now is the time!

  • Gathering: Get as many human touches as possible in your images. Show how you bring people together in your photos.

In the words of James Taylor, "Winter, spring, summer, or fall, all you've got to do is call, and I'll be there!"

If you're reading these branding tips in prime pumpkin spice season (aka October or November) 2022, holiday decor is up and waiting for you to capture the winter-themed photos you need or host the Christmas minis your clients want!

Be ready this Christmas! Book The Sunlight Space for your photoshoot today!


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