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5 Reasons Why You Should Batch Create Your Content

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Between all of the doing, creating, dreaming and implementing, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day trends we all see on social media.

At the rate that content is created, consumed, repurposed and changed, it can feel like it’s impossible to catch up. The moment you take the time to create your new and trendy content, the next trend comes around. It’s frustrating, right?

Batch creating content combats the frustration associated with creating in-and-of-the-moment content. Rather than creating content on a daily or weekly basis, choosing to batch your content for the month over the course of just 1-2 days can help achieve more evergreen content. Plus, you’ll save a ton of time and creative energy in the long run!

But of course, I have several other reasons behind why I love batch creating my own content as both a photographer and studio owner. Here are 5 reasons why you should batch create your content!

5 Reasons to Batch Create Your Content

Now, it’s important to note that batch creation can come in many shapes and sizes. I’ve found that my preferred cadence is to take 1-2 days to batch create all of my content for the month ahead. But don’t be afraid to play around with your own schedule and needs! You might prefer to create content two weeks at a time, or for a full quarter. When in doubt, just do what works best for you 💁‍♀️

1. Batch creation allows you to be more strategic and intentional with the content you produce.

Because batch creation requires a bit of advance planning, it forces you to create content that’s evergreen and intentional - aka, content that won’t live within a 24 or 48 hour trend. Through evergreen, strategic and intentional content, you’ll be able to propel your business forward by building an engaged audience that trusts you as an expert in your space.

2. Batch creation allows you to get in the “zone.”

Half the work of creating content goes into the process that happens before you even sit down to create content. First, there are the 100 distractions you need to keep at bay. Then there are the snacks, finding a comfy seat, and achieving the perfect room temperature. THEN, and only then, can you finish the preparation process with a final 20-minute Instagram scroll prior to creating your content.

(You know I’m right.)

When you’re creating content on a whim, the time you spend mentally preparing to create can really add up! But when you batch create your content, you’re able to allow yourself to get in (and stay in) the zone. Once you’re done creating your content, you don’t need to worry about it again until your next batch creation day!

3. Batch creation removes the stress from posting on social media.

You can pretty much wave goodbye to the “what am I going to post today?!” mental spiral that you know so well, because your content is already batched and ready to go!

In fact, I’ve found that batch creating my content has allowed me to feel more excited about engaging with my audience and posting on social media. There’s *almost* nothing better than actually feeling confident about my content AND prepared to post!

4. Batch creation allows you to get ready less often.

If you’re taking photos or recording video, batch creating your content will allow you to only get ready once! And if that isn’t enough of a reason to start batch creating your content, I don’t know what is.

Rather than getting dolled up and camera ready every day, you can do so just once. Just change into your different outfits, and plan out your content according to your batched schedule!

5. Batch creation is a HUGE time saver (for all of the reasons above).

Just to summarize points 1-4:

  • You only have to get ready once.

  • You’ll have all of your content ready to go for the month or quarter ahead.

  • You won’t spend 1 million hours avoiding creating content like you usually do.

  • You’ll create trend-proof content that will remain relevant in the months to come!

Now, as with all good things in life, batch creation requires just a bit of planning. You’ll want to know the content and topics you want to cover, and how you’d like to visually showcase the content you create! And in order to get the most out of your content creation day, you’ll want to choose a studio space that will allow you to shoot photos and videos of multiple looks, settings, and scenes.

If you’re thinking, “that’s great, but I don’t have that kind of space to shoot from. What do I do?!” I’d like to introduce you to The Sunlight Space: an affordable, curated rental space that’ll serve all of your content creation needs!

About The Sunlight Space

Centered in Los Altos, CA, The Sunlight Space is a light-filled creative studio complete with 4+ interchangeable settings and scenes. Within the 950 sq ft. studio space, you’ll find a faux kitchen corner, living room, office, and bedroom sets and completely interchangeable furniture and props! The space also includes foldable chairs for small events, an add-on 80-inch TV screen for presentations or mockups, and complimentary coffee and water (a must for those lengthy batch creation days).

It’s *almost* too good to be true. Book your next hourly, daily, or weekly studio slot here! 👇

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