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How to Integrate 17hats into your Business Workflows

Streamlining Your Processes + Client Experience as a Service-based Business Owner

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We see it all the time in the real world and made-up worlds alike. 🤨

Communication failure can be humorous in a sitcom, but when it comes to your business — not so much. And it’s not just our clients who are guilty of forgetfulness, right?

When you’re juggling a million balls, as every small business owner does, you’re bound to drop one occasionally!

That’s why automating your processes and workflows is vital to streamlining your business and regaining some day-to-day sanity as a service-based business owner.

Today, I’m sharing a bit about the customer relationship management (CRM) tool I have used since 2018.

17Hats has helped me complete 300+ projects in a professional, streamlined manner, and it can do the same for you! 💪

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🤔 What is 17Hats?

17Hats is a client management software that allows you to automate your entire workflow from lead capture and invoicing to onboarding and post-project follow-up.

17Hats offers a variety of features that make it easy to stay organized, including a central contact database, project templates, and automatic task scheduling. Plus, their built-in CRM tools ensure you never miss an opportunity to add to existing projects.

17Hats is an essential tool for automating your workflow and increasing efficiency for businesses that rely on client work to generate revenue.

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🤔 How does 17Hats fit into your client journey?

First, let’s assume your client journey (sales funnel) begins on social media. That’s step one.

From there, people are clicking the link in bio to learn more about your services.

Maybe they know IMMEDIATELY they need your help. So, they fill out a 17Hats lead capture form to inquire with you.

Maybe they’re interested, but not comfortable directly contacting you yet, so they leave their email to receive the beautiful email newsletters you send using Flodesk or another email marketing tool.

Either way, they fall in love with you and fill out a lead capture form! Because why wouldn’t they?!

Once they do, they’re prompted to schedule a consultation to see if your businesses are a good fit for each other. And, of course, they are because you’re fabulous about speaking to your ideal audience throughout your marketing efforts.

They’re in, and you’ve got a new client! 🥳

The project takes around 5 weeks to complete, and you’re communicating back and forth the whole time making sure you’ve got all the details nailed down.

They’re thrilled with how everything turns out, and you’re ready to offboard them with excellence. You send them a request for a testimonial and ask them, “If you could do it all over again, what would you change?”

You organize this information and start this workflow all over again knowing its CRM tools have your back — to keep you organized, on task, and ready to outsource (should the need arise).

Wait, that was a lot. Let’s recap the process from beginning to end with an ordered list 👇

  1. Connect on social media.

  2. Click the link in bio.

  3. Subscribe to your email.

  4. Fill out a lead capture form.*

  5. Schedule a consultation.*

  6. Complete onboarding tasks.*

  7. Communicate while the project is in motion.*

  8. Respond to testimonial + feedback request.*

Pointing at laptop sitting on a desk.

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*17Hats helps with that.

Do you see how long CRM tools work with you and your client to make sure it’s smooth sailing?

Now, I don’t want you to walk away from this blog thinking I’m telling you 17Hats is the only client management tool you should use. I use it because after trying others like Dubsado or Honeybook, I’ve found it to fit my needs the best.

One thing I know to be true is that finding a CRM tool you like and making it work for your service-based business is key to automating your processes and workflows.

By implementing CRM tools like 17Hats, you'll save time, increase efficiency, and provide a clear client experience!

Get Started with 17Hats

Setting up new CRM tools can be overwhelming, and I don’t want that for you. So, here are my go-to steps for putting your best foot forward with 17Hats 👇

  1. Import contact info

  2. Create a lead capture form

  3. Setup brand preferences

  4. Connect your Google Calendar

  5. Turn on online scheduling

  6. Import documents + canned emails

Over time, you’ll tweak these settings and add more tools to your 17Hats profile, but once you’ve addressed these to-dos, you’ll be ready to get the ball rolling on new client projects!

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