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How to Integrate 17hats into your Business Workflows

Streamlining Your Processes + Client Experience as a Service-based Business Owner

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We see it all the time in the real world and made-up worlds alike. 🤨

Communication failure can be humorous in a sitcom, but when it comes to your business — not so much. And it’s not just our clients who are guilty of forgetfulness, right?

When you’re juggling a million balls, as every small business owner does, you’re bound to drop one occasionally!

That’s why automating your processes and workflows is vital to streamlining your business and regaining some day-to-day sanity as a service-based business owner.

Today, I’m sharing a bit about the customer relationship management (CRM) tool I have used since 2018.

17Hats has helped me complete 300+ projects in a professional, streamlined manner, and it can do the same for you! 💪