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Everything You Need While Recording Reels at The Sunlight Space

the packing list you put off making for your reels recording session

Everyone is looking for THE secret or THE hack to make recording reels easier. Take a scroll on Instagram or do a quick Google search, and you’ll find that to be true.

But, content creators and small business owners, listen to me. I’m telling you — half the battle is bucking up and doing it. That’s why today I’m not explaining any new tricks. I probably don’t even have any new, profound insight on the topic that someone else hasn’t said before me.

I’m simply sharing a packing list with you. I believe this list will make recording reels easier for you whether you’re headed to The Sunlight Space for a content creation day or batching content in your backyard!

Like your vacation packing list is broken down into sections (clothing, toiletries, entertainment, airport necessities, etc.), this list is broken down into sections, too. We’re talking props, lighting, wardrobe, purposeful plans, and even people you’ll want to bring with you!

Palo Alto Studio The Sunlight Space Reel Recording Session


This is likely the most anticipated section so why not lead with it? Listed below are a few essentials AND creative ideas to spark your imagination and make recording reels fun again!

  • Coffee mug (with coffee or water so you don’t have to fake a sip!)

  • Water bottle

  • Branded merchandise

  • Products

  • Writing utensils

  • Phone/charger/case

  • Laptop

  • Notebook

  • Paper confetti

  • Plants

  • Candles

  • Stuffed animals

  • Disco balls

  • Sunglasses

  • Bucket hat

  • Hair ties

  • Throw blanket

I know some of those suggestions don’t make sense for YOUR business, but maybe they get your creative gears moving! I mean, maybe you’ve realized that a disco ball is what you’ve been missing this whole time!

Oh, and before you pack — explore what’s already included at The Sunlight Space, including space features, décor, furniture, and equipment.

Palo Alto Studio The Sunlight Space Reel Recording Session


At The Sunlight Space, ring lights are 1000% optional. We've got the natural light, and you can’t beat the real deal.

Open the curtains, close the curtains, use props like artificial greenery to replicate dappled sunlight, etc. That’s up to you, but we wouldn’t exist without the sunlight that floods into the rental space.

Of course, if you’re planning to get creative, you could bring other forms of lighting (think: ring lights, string lights, flashlights, etc. 😂).


When you wear the same thing in all your content, people can tell when you’ve batched content. Is that bad? No, necessarily. However, it certainly makes your content look more natural when you mix up your outfits. UNLESS you’re like Adam Rose and you never take off your blue cardigan. In that case, do NOT forget your blue cardigan.

You may not have a brand that requires you to wear a full face of makeup or style your hair properly for every video shoot but consider switching it up throughout your recording session so that there’s a little variety to show.

A Friend

Having a friend or a colleague with you to help you create content is one of my favorite pieces of advice for creating more or better content. They’re not just there to hold your phone. When you bring a friend to help you while recording reels, they hype you up and help you ideate on the spot. They’re able to take any of your stale ideas and reinvigorate them! They give you someone to physically talk to, smile at and laugh with instead of the camera. It needs to be someone who you can genuinely have fun with, but also someone who can keep you focused. Maybe a sister, best friend, or business ally?

Palo Alto Studio The Sunlight Space Reel Recording Session


Be it, ideas jotted down in a notebook, scripts that you can record line-by-line and edit together, or general outlines that you can make your own as you record, this part of reels planning is often overlooked.

I mean, have you ever had an idea for a reel, saved the inspiration, then forgot what you wanted to record? The biggest time suck ever is when you plan a reels batching day and forget to create a game plan for the day.

This is even more important with Instagram prioritizing original content. Whether you’re recording a talking head video or shaking yo groove thang, knowing what to do next is half the battle.

Palo Alto Studio The Sunlight Space Reel Recording Session

Audio ideas

If you’re planning on using trending audio, then organizing those audio clips deserves a separate section from “plans!” Why? Because there’s nothing more frustrating than having a great idea, and being able to SING the audio, but not being able to find it on Instagram.

Now, hear me out. I know you can save audio files on Instagram. I do. However, all of those files save in one way-to-long, ever-expanding folder. While you’re planning to batch reels, I recommend saving the reel you saw that uses the audio in a folder that you’ve organized SPECIFICALLY FOR THAT DAY!

It will be so much easier to scroll through those audio clips, I promise.

Videographer (yours or ours)

Hiring a videographer to join you while you create content may seem like overkill, but it’s incredibly helpful to duplicate content in this way. When you’re done, you’ll have the reels you created and b-roll of you mid-reel.

I’ve talked about this before within the context of scheduling a brand photographer and a videographer for the same timeslot but bringing a videographer along for a reels batching session can really level up your content.

Do all your short-form videos need to be professionally recorded on an expensive camera? No, probably not. But when you’re tired of chasing the trends and ready to create original educational, inspirational, and entertaining content, especially talking head videos, it’s hiring a videographer will elevate your brand immeasurably!

Ready to start recording reels at The Sunlight Space?


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