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How to Check In and Out | The Sunlight Space

checking in and out of the sunlight space ☀️

what to expect before you arrive, while you’re here, and when you leave

So you’re new to The Sunlight Space or, at least, you haven’t ever booked the space before. Don’t worry, I’ll send you all the info you need to easily check in and out, but I thought I’d go ahead and share the process with you to answer any questions you may have upfront.

You should know, I'm excited to have you at The Sunlight Space. I created this space for creators. For photographers, event planners, influencers, and more — and I want you to be comfortable!

Whether it’s an event or photo session, the space is made to work for you.

To help you make the studio feel more familiar, here’s what you can expect before you check in, while you’re here, and when you’re checking out!

before you arrive

Here’s what you need to know about getting in and out* of the space:

  • Use this address for your GPS: 2059 Grant Rd. Los Altos, CA 94024

  • Park behind the building by the Curves gym. Please do not park in front of Los Altos Eyecare OR Allied Auto Works on the weekdays!

  • Use the side door for loading and unloading (where the fire lane is).

  • Use your unique 5-digit code to open the front door. You’ll find this code in your email. Don’t share it with anyone else. You’re responsible for the booking, not your family, friends, or business partners.

  • Always keep your entry code with you! Both doors lock on close. I don’t want you to get locked out!

while you’re here

It’s go time! Your event or shoot is in full swing. Here’s what you need to know:

Add-ons: If you select one of our add-ons (pet fee, seamless paper, duvet), you’ll receive a separate invoice. Please complete this prior to your booking.

Movable Items: Couches, chairs, tables, furniture, and rugs are all movable during your rental. If you move the furniture around, please put it back as you found it.

There’s also a rolling TV that you’re free to maneuver. Please ensure that the wheels are unlocked before rolling it, and wheel it behind the partition before you leave.

Overtime: Consider setup and teardown time in your rental booking. If you need to add more time, reach out to In the event that you exceed your booking time, you will be charged accordingly. (Here’s the full Booking Policy for your review.)

Issues during your rental? If something breaks, please email with a photo of what is broken. If something urgent comes up, we’ll ask that you contact Emily (direct phone number provided to renters upon booking).

on the way out

After you’ve created something beautiful, it will be time to get the space back to its natural state. As you’re checking out, we ask that you:

  • Take out any perishable trash (liquids, food, diapers, etc.)

  • Leave the space in the same condition as when you entered. Move furniture back to the edges of the room.

  • Press the "Run Schedule" button before you leave.

  • Wipe down surfaces where food was kept.

  • Turn off all lights.

  • Ensure both doors are completely closed when you leave.

If a mess is left in the space (spills, confetti, trash, etc.) a cleaning fee of $200 will be charged. Please leave the space as you found it.

staying in the area



  • ​Rancho San Antonio (7 min)

  • Redwood Grove Nature Preserve (8 min)

  • Cuesta Park (8 min)

  • Esther Clark Park (13 min)

  • ​Lucky's (right behind the studio)

  • Alotta's Deli (2 min)

  • Starbucks (3 min)

  • Peet's Coffee (3 min)

  • Trader Joe's (3 min)

  • Los Altos Grill (8 min)

  • Bluestone Lane (9 min)

one more thing

We LOVE small businesses and entrepreneurs around here, and we like to think of ourselves as a community gathering space. Whether you book the space, refer others, or own the space, we’re in it together. Tag us on Instagram at @thesunlightspace so we can share and promote your creative work!

If you’re ready to reserve The Sunlight Space, we’d be honored to help host your photoshoot, event, meeting, or gathering.


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