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How to Capture More Visual Content in Less Time

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

4 tips to make the most of your time at the sunlight space

Hi friend, you must be a content creator. Actually, you’re probably a small business owner or entrepreneur who got roped into the content creation life because #marketing, right?

Good news! I’m here to help you create more visual content in less time.

I’m Emily, owner of Emily Kim Photography and The Sunlight Space in the Bay Area. After working with many others like you, I’ve learned a few things about getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to capturing a ton of content in a small amount of time!

Without further ado, let’s talk about 👇

  • The day-to-day visual content you need

  • Timely photos you can’t forget

  • A multitasking tip that actually works

  • How to double (maybe even triple) your content

  • And what it will cost to make all of this happen!

Capture evergreen brand photos 🌲

When you realize you need new brand photos for your website, email, or social media marketing, chances are you’ve spent some time digging around in your folders looking for something, ANYTHING to post.

You can’t use this photo because it’s too specific, like that accent scarf you wore every day of the week in 2009. It doesn’t relate to your message today. You can’t use that photo because even though it’s a professional photograph, it’s a family photo that has nothing to do with your business.

When you hit this point, you’re contacting your brand photographer a few weeks late. It’s okay, but we’d like to help you avoid this conundrum.

Capture photos for business events/timely topics 📅

Now that you’ve got the evergreen photos to back up your day-to-day marketing plan, it’s time to get specific. Any time you launch a new offer, host an event, or implement a topical marketing campaign, you need photos, right?

This is the time to create visual content that supports those timely events and promotions. So, change your clothes and swap out your props. You’re going to reserve a bit of time to make sure you’ve got photos for the social media captions, emails, print materials, and web pages you need to promote this event/offer since it’s outside of your normal marketing plans.

Camera video of woman reading notes from a notebook, bookcase behind her

Hire a videographer to record branded video (a and b-roll) 📹

If you’ve ever tried to multitask, you know it’s not always possible. However, when you hire a videographer to capture video and b-roll during your photoshoot you can leave that one session with twice the amount of visual content!

And how should you use the video they capture? For branded content marketing, of course! YouTube videos, reels, TikToks, courses, presentations, and more are made easier and faster when you’ve already got on-brand footage to work with.

Need more convincing? I talk more about this glorious collaboration over on the Emily Kim Photography blog. Read “Multitasking that Works: Brand Video + Photography.”

Move around the room 💃

In one curated space, we’ve got vignettes that replicate a wide variety of spaces. So, use every corner of every space! From the kitchen and living space to an office, entry, and photo wall — shoot from 30+ angles to get the most on-brand photos in one session!

The price of multitasking 💰

But, Emily, it’s it going to be expensive to pay for a rental space, a photographer, AND a videographer?

The short answer is yes, but it would be more expensive to hire them separately! That’s the WHOLE POINT of why I’m telling you all the secrets I keep up my sleeve about getting the most visual content for my clients.

When it comes to marketing for your product or service-based business, it’s all about maximizing your investment. And I’d be honored to help you do it!


After you’ve read this blog (aka my plan to help you create far more visual content in the same amount of time), I hope your perspective on creating images, short-form videos, YouTube videos, and more has shifted.

If you live in the Bay Area, I would love to help you create more visual content. If not, I hope these ideas help you to create a content plan that will grow your business whether you’re an independent artist, a service provider, an author, or an entrepreneur of another kind.


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